The Filleting Ghost Knife - 22cm

Salvaged fishing net handles. Commercial grade blades.


The first and second production runs sold out quickly.
We are now taking pre-orders for the third production run.
Delivered at the end of July 2024.

The Ghost Knife Collection is a commercial grade knife range with handles made from recovered fishing nets.

There are four knives in the Collection, each tailored for a unique purpose and audience—a santoku knife, a chef's knife, a boning knife, and a filleting knife

Lost or discarded fishing nets, or "ghost nets", are a lethal ocean pollutant. Drifting for years, they continue to perform their deadly task long after they have been forgotten, ensnaring everything in their path.

Every knife sold provides the resources to pull another 1 kg of ghost netting from the ocean, and part profits will be donated to LegaSea to ensure that New Zealand's coasts and oceans remain healthy and free for tomorrow's generations.

All knives come with a lifetime guarantee (excludes misuse and normal wear).

The Filleting Knife (22cm)
A sleek, super flexible, robot-sharpened blade delivers clean, effortless cuts for delicate tasks.
Perfect for filleting, skinning and boning.
Our unique non-slip design ensures total control – ideal for the wet, demanding conditions faced by professional chefs, outdoor cooks, and anglers.
Comes with a recycled plastic sheath, ideal for transporting and using when fishing.
All pre-ordered ghost knives will be delivered at the end of July 2024.

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The Filleting Ghost Knife - 22cm

The Filleting Ghost Knife - 22cm


The Filleting Ghost Knife - 22cm