The Heirloom 28cm Skillet

The best cast iron in the world comes from the bottom of the world.

Style: Classic

"The best cast iron in the business."
—Chef Al Brown

"The gift that'll keep on giving, for generations to come."
—Gourmet Traveller

A limited number of Heirlooms go on sale on the 1st of each month. They take 6-8 weeks to make, and we usually have a waitlist.

If you miss out, please register to get an email when the next orders are open.

• The best cast iron in the world comes from the bottom of the world.
• 28cm handmade recycled cast iron skillet.
• Meticulous 'antique finish' inspired by 1800s vintage cast iron.
• Feels like ceramic. Works like a non-stick pan.
• Three Generation Guarantee®
• Works on all cooking surfaces, including induction.
• Lifetime subscription to the Recipe Vault®
• Personalise the base with hand engraving.

What makes the Heirloom so coveted is its meticulous hand-finish and limited availability. Inspired by cast iron handmade in the 1800s, our ‘antique finish’ feels like ceramic and works like a non-stick pan (without the nasty chemicals). It’s a slow process, but worth it.

Cast into the base is our Ironclad Three Generation Guarantee®. The world’s longest product warranty of 100-years or three generations of daily use. The Heirloom comes with the option of personalising the cast iron contract in the base. You can add a name, a date, and a short message. Making this one-of-a-kind item an incredibly popular gift for weddings, anniversaries, new homes, and milestone birthdays. We can hand engrave approximately 50 characters into the iron. If you select the hand engraving, our designers will get in touch with you after purchase to design the base together.

The Heirloom arrives in a wood presentation box on a bed of wood wool. And each Heirloom comes with its own lifetime account to the Recipe Vault®. A closed digital platform to protect secret family recipes, collate personal favourites, and document the meals your Heirloom will prepare for generations to come. 

Due to the labour intensive handmade process we usually have a waitlist, so it’s best to get your orders in early.

  • Three Generation Guarantee® / 100 year product replacement warranty
  • Hand poured single cast
  • Hand finished to an ‘Antique Finish’
  • Hand seasoned
  • High-grade recycled iron
  • 2.8kg
  • 28cm top-edge diameter
  • 25cm bottom-edge diameter
  • 4.5cm side wall
  • Hangable handle
  • Front grip
  • Dual pouring lips

What comes in the box:

  • 1 x hand crafted Heirloom 
  • Timber presentation box
  • NZ Made Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • Printed Three Generation Guarantee®
  • Use and Care Instructions
  • Recipe Cards

What can I engrave?

You can add a family name, the year of pour, or even a short message for future generations to read. This makes the Heirloom not only the best cast iron, but the ultimate gift.

Where do I add my name for engraving?

We’ll contact you directly after purchase via email to work out what you want engraved.

How long will it take?

It will take us 4-6 weeks to pour, finish, engrave and send your Heirloom.

Well, the world can change in three generations.

Think about it.

100 years ago our choice of cars was limited to one. Doctors prescribed Heroin, Mercury and Leeches. Penicillin wouldn’t be discovered for another four years. Movies were silent, women had just been given the right to vote, child labor was cool with people, indoor toilets were just catching on, and we had collectively promised ourselves that one world war was more than enough.

There were nearly six billion less people on the planet and approximately 500 more species of animal. Nobody who wasn’t falling had ever travelled over about 30km per hour. And, outside of a game of hide-and-seek, not many people would have ever asked the question, “Where are you?”

But one of the biggest changes over the last century is how we consume. We bought less stuff and the stuff we did buy we cared for and usually handed on. It made sense financially. And, in hindsight, environmentally.

This generation will be the one who creates the step change. Wiser for some pretty big mistakes, we’ll keep the good change from the last century, lose the bad, and leave the world in a better place for our children’s children.

New ideas are arriving and old ideas are being resurrected. Find them. Encourage them. Share them. At Ironclad we are working to re-introduce the idea of generational shopping. Or, shopping well and buying once. Or, buying mindfully. We are not going to save the planet, but a significant shift in how people shop globally actually might.

And our mission seems to be catching on.

If the change experienced over the last three generations is anything to go by, the world in 100 years will be absolutely amazing.

All Ironclad Heirlooms are poured to order.

They are only available on our website and are delivered worldwide. Shipping is paid in part by Ironclad Co.

If you chose to have the Heirloom personalised, once the order has been processed we will contact you to design the base together. 

You will receive your tracking details when the Heirloom has shipped.

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The Heirloom 28cm Skillet

The Heirloom 28cm Skillet


The Heirloom 28cm Skillet

Style: Classic


The Heirloom has probably been the most challenging project we have faced since starting Ironclad Co. in 2019. We knew exactly the finish we wanted—the smooth surface from our vintage cast iron collection at home. In those days that level of craft was commonplace. Skilled humans were employed to sculpt each piece by hand. Corners weren't cut for efficiency as they so often are today. A couple of foundries in North America had come close to achieving what we were looking for, but they could only ever do the base and cooking surface. After four years of searching for new techniques, we decided to try it the old-fashioned way. And, of course, it worked. Every Heirloom is sculpted by hand by skilled humans. Compared to modern production, it takes an embarrassing amount of time to do. But if you're cast iron fans like us, the end result is worth every second.


The Legacy Pan is a handmade 28cm cast iron skillet. Made with 100% recycled iron. Depending upon your location (NZ or AU) your Legacy will be handmade and hand-finished in that country. Basically we manufacture locally. The finish on the Legacy is a traditional cast iron finish. Smooth enough to work on induction glass but porous enough to absorb seasoning.

The Heirloom is also handmade, 28cm, and made from 100% recycled iron. However, all Heirloom pans sold globally are hand poured and hand finished in New Zealand by the same team. The biggest difference is the finish (the hand polish of the iron). The Heirloom is the best finish you can get anywhere. It feels like ceramic and works like a nonstick pan from day one. It’s inspired by the finish on cast iron handmade in the 1800s. It’s takes about six hours total to finish each one by hand. It’s ground down to a mirror finish, shot blast with fine glass bead, then triple seasoned and delivered in a wooden presentation case.

A regular, chemically-coated pan will cost on average $40, and is thrown away every 18 months. An Ironclad Pan costs from $199, and will never be thrown away. Three generations of daily use, guaranteed. Adjust for your currency, the maths is the same. Good for you, good for your wallet.

There are four types of cast iron, but only one you want on your food. 

1. Malleable Cast Iron is used for electrical fittings, mining equipment and machine parts. Nope. 

2. Ductile Cast Iron is a popular choice for crankshafts, gears, heavy duty suspensions and brakes. Nope.

3. White Cast Iron is used for its wear resistant properties in pump housings, mill linings and rods, crushers and brake shoes. Nope.

4. Grey Cast iron is ideal for cookware. That’s the one. 

There are no food standards in NZ or AU (yet) for the quality of iron used in cast iron cookware. This means that some companies use the cheap stuff just because they think nobody is watching. If you have any questions about the material used in your cookware, ask the manufacturer. They have a duty of care to answer you.

Uh oh. You left it to drip dry? Not to worry. Any rust that you find is only the smallest possible surface rust. Think micro-millimeters. That surface rust can be scrubbed off with soap and steel wool, or an oiled cloth, or by putting your pan into the oven for a cleaning cycle. If you find rust, don’t worry. Just go back to the initial pre-seasoning instructions and start over. Check out our TIPS or contact us. We’re always happy to help out.

Absolutely it will. Cast iron will work on any cooking surface; BBQ, open fire, induction, gas, electric solid plate or electric radiant ring, vitro-ceramic glass, gas oven, wood oven, or cycle powered ovens.


Glad you asked. Ironclad Pan Co. offers the longest legally binding product warranty on earth. Seriously. We take our Three Generation Guarantee® so seriously we cast the contract in the base of each skillet. If you, your children, or your children’s children aren’t completely happy just return your skillet and we’ll replace it or give you a full refund. Seriously.


We aim to deliver all orders within 7-14 working days. The Heirloom is the only exception. You'll find live shipping rates for your country at checkout. We ship far and wide and significantly subsidise the shipping costs. Good quality cast iron is heavy. It’s the least we could do.

Given the complex nature of delivering to different markets daily, we can’t take responsibility for import duties or taxes. All duties and taxes need to be paid for by the recipient.


Contact our dedicated Ironclad concierge who will provide you with any further information that you require to make a decision.