Virtually every product we buy will exist for generations. Those products can either spend those years in use, or in landfill. We make products that will be in use. We call it Generational Shopping.

It’s not a new behaviour, it’s the revival of an old one.

The idea was inspired by heirlooms inherited from Levi’s Grandmother, Lily Slavin. An extraordinary chef and human who left behind countless family recipes, memories, and some unbelievably precious cookware from her revered kitchen. Some of which Lily had inherited from her own grandmother in Russia.

In 2019, husband and wife team Kate and Levi Slavin founded Ironclad Co. with their business partner Joe Carter. Their aim was to create a sustainable product that would bring back craft and techniques used to make some of the most beautiful cast iron antiques still in use today.

In an era of disposable stuff, they wanted to create a product that would last for generations. Not to mention also reducing the millions of Teflon pans being sent to landfill every year, leaching potentially harmful chemicals into our soil.

Together they set out to find a way to substantiate their brand worth. If they were designing a product to last, why not offer a guarantee. One that would last longer than any on the market. Settling on a modest 100-years, the team decided to cast that contract in iron on the base of every single skillet.

For a year, the company grew, as all good ones do, organically through referrals and personal endorsements. When it was time to take the next step, the team brought in Felicity Morgan-Rhind. An ex-chef turned film director and close family friend. Felicity’s recipes took the brand to a new level. Inspiring more and more people to join the Ironclad community.

In 2022, the first external investor joined the team—the production company behind Chef’s Table. Bringing with them a wealth of experience and craft beyond any other contemporary cookware brand.

In 2023, the team did their first capital raise. Deciding to crowdfund the capital needed to enter into their second market, Australia. With their shareholder list now including iconic chefs Peter Gordon and Al Brown, and 260 loyal customers, partners and friends, Ironclad Co. is ready to take their brand global.

Co-Founders Levi, Joe & Kate