Yep, that's right. We're going to take your crusty old non-stick pans in lieu of cash. Why?

The majority of recycling plants don’t accept non-stick cookware. So, an astonishing 72% of Australians throw their old cookware right into the bin.

Given non-stick pans need replacing every few of years, that number really adds up.

In fact, that number is 2.7 million.

Australians throw away approximately 2.7 million non-stick pans into landfill every year. That's 7,000 a day. Or 292 an hour. Or 5 every minute.

It's not just the mountains of pans in landfill that's the problem, it's the chemicals in those pans. Most non-stick cookware contains harmful PFAS, or “forever chemicals”. Forever because the material doesn't break down. Not in the soil. Not in our bodies. Not ever.

There is a push to ban PFAS in Australia by 2025, but that's still thousands of pans away.

So, we've partnered with the Kitchen Warehouse to launch The Great Pan Exchange. From 30 October, you can take your old pots and pans into a participating Kitchen Warehouse and trade them for discounts on Ironclad cookware.

Kitchenware collected will be recycled into something useful. Like, for example, a 100% Recycled Ironclad Pan!

Grab your old non-stick rubbish and head to your nearest Kitchen Warehouse. Your body, your wallet and the planet thanks you.