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5 Star Reviews


Unlock the full potential of your cast iron pan with proper seasoning. Follow these 5 key tips to achieve a well-seasoned, non-stick surface that will elevate your cooking experience:

By following these steps, you'll achieve a well-seasoned cast iron pan that will enhance your cooking and last for generations to come.

Just hear what some of our Frequent Fryers have to say: 

700+ 5 Star Reviews

“Pop has the early signs of dementia and he actually thought they were his old pans, he was so happy that I "found them" I didn't have the heart to disappoint him and take that moment from him. I knew when I seen your pans they were so similar to his but didn't think they were so similar that he'd think those were his. He gave them to my son, and told him he was glad to give them to him while he could remember. Thank you very much for helping create this special memory for Pop and my son. On another note the pans were amazing to cook with, easy to clean and feel really well made. Hopefully soon you might make an old school cast kettle to complete our kitchen. Thanks again and you guys should be extremely proud of the product you've created.”
Scott M.
"We were apprehensive about spending this much on a pan set. Having purchased other non Ironclad pans but disappointed in their quality we took the plunge. We are very pleased with our purchase, these pans have been awesome and everything from steak to eggs or chicken to mushrooms comes out perfect. No stress to season them or keep them clean, they are easier to use than any other pan we have had. If you are on the edge, take the plunge, you wont regret it."
Geoff G.
"I've had a few cast iron pans before but nothing compares to the ironclad pan, awesome pan, no cost cutting, 10 out of 10."
Kyle H.
“Bought this set to replace the cookware my grandmother had when I was a wee boy. Fantastic quality. I’m having so much fun reinventing recipes so I can use these beauties. From oven to stovetop to bbq to woodfire.”
Stacey W.
"Good as."
Lew D.
"My daughter is looking forward to making pancakes for her grandchildren with the pan. Yup. We’re aiming for four generations."
Nic D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making products ethically costs more. Our cast iron is handmade by people who are paid a living wage. We also test every pour, so you won't end up with stuff like lead in your food. Guaranteed. We aren't trying to compete with the discount skillets made in anonymous overseas factories. We make products that we personally guarantee for 100 years. While we aren't the cheapest, we are the best value.

A regular, chemically-coated pan will cost on average $40, and is thrown away every 18 months. An Ironclad Pan costs from $199, and will never be thrown away. Three generations of daily use, guaranteed. Adjust for your currency, the maths is the same. Good for you, good for your wallet.

There are four types of cast iron, but only one you want on your food.

1. Malleable Cast Iron is used for electrical fittings, mining equipment and machine parts. Nope.

2. Ductile Cast Iron is a popular choice for crankshafts, gears, heavy duty suspensions and brakes. Nope.

3. White Cast Iron is used for its wear resistant properties in pump housings, mill linings and rods, crushers and brake shoes. Nope.

4. Grey Cast iron is ideal for cookware. That’s the one. There are no food standards in NZ or AU (yet) for the quality of iron used in cast iron cookware. This means that some companies use the cheap stuff just because they think nobody is watching. If you have any questions about the material used in your cookware, ask the manufacturer. They have a duty of care to answer you.

Glad you asked. Ironclad Pan Co. offers the longest legally binding product warranty on earth. Seriously. We take our Three Generation Guarantee™️ so seriously we cast the contract in the base of each skillet. If you, your children, or your children’s children aren’t completely happy just return your skillet and we’ll replace it or give you a full refund. Seriously.

Your Ironclad comes fresh from our foundry as a raw, untreated high quality iron. The iron will be a lighter grey prior to pre-seasoning. With every oil and use it will get darker and darker and more non-stick. When it arrives you might even have a grey residue on the surface. This is normal. It just needs a scrub with soapy water, an oil, and a bake. We currently only offer pre-seasoning on our Heirloom Legacy Pans.

How you season your pan is as personal as your diet. Some people use grape seed oil. Others use duck fat or vegetable oil or olive oil. It’s up to you. Unseasoned iron gives you the opportunity to flavour your skillet your way. We provide a seasoning balm that we recommend. Whatever you use, use the bare minimum and choose something that's food grade with a high smoke point.

Newly seasoned cast iron may have a brownish tint to it. It’s not rust, it’s just the initial patina baking in. It can take a few coats of seasoning and some use to get a black finish. Don’t worry about the brownish colour - go right ahead and use the pan. We recommend starting with caramelising onions. Eventually it will go black with use.

If your pan is sticky it means you either haven’t cooked it for long enough or you’ve used too much oil. Or both. You can remedy this by repeating the seasoning and using less balm. You really only need a tiny amount. We like to cover the pan entirely and then rub it all off. Another easy way to start over is to put your skillet in the oven and set the oven to “clean”. This will burn away all oil and leave the iron a lovely blue/black.

Uh oh. You left it to drip dry? Not to worry. Any rust that you find is only the smallest possible surface rust. Think micro-millimeters. That surface rust can be scrubbed off with soap and steel wool, or an oiled cloth, or by putting your pan into the oven for a cleaning cycle. If you find rust, don’t worry. Just go back to the initial pre-seasoning instructions and start over. Check out our TIPS or contact us. We’re always happy to help out.

Absolutely it will. Cast iron will work on any cooking surface; BBQ, open fire, induction, gas, electric solid plate or electric radiant ring, vitro-ceramic glass, gas oven, wood oven, or cycle powered ovens.

We aim to deliver all orders within 7-14 working days. You'll find live shipping rates for your country at checkout. We ship far and wide and significantly subsidise the shipping costs. Good quality cast iron is heavy. It’s the least we could do.

Given the complex nature of delivering to different markets daily, we can’t take responsibility for import duties or taxes. All duties and taxes need to be paid for by the recipient. You'll find a free Duty calculator here.


Handmade to take 100+ years of daily use, each Ironclad comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee® cast into the base. That's the longest product warranty on planet earth.

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