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Woody’s Free Range Three Mince Scotch Egg Sausage Roll

Meat is a rare treat in our house so I was very excited to imagine then cook up this delicious Scotch-Egg-Sausage-Roll mash up! Serve it piping hot straight to the dinner or picnic table with lashings of tomato chutney and a crunchy salad and you’ll have your family eating out the palm of your hand, AND your Ironclad Pan. My neighbours kindly supplied us with duck eggs but large free range chicken eggs will do the trick and any left overs are divine served warm or cold the next day. I hope you have as much fun as I did creating and eating this monster scotch egg sausage roll with the ones you love.

This dish is a wonderful way to celebrate Woody’s extremely flavourful three mince pork, beef and goat combo. We are only about free range at Ironclad and Woody’s range of ethically farmed meat, small goods and charcuterie is super impressive. From bacon, bangers and prosciutto, Christmas hams, roasts and a huge range of beef, goat and pork cuts it’s your one stop free range shop. Have a look for their products at Moore Wilson's, Farro Fresh, Commonsense Organics, select New World and Four Square and many other specialist retailers all over New Zealand. And for the full range go to

It will be the beginning of your love affair with free range meat raised with love and care then delivered to your door.


2 T olive oil
1 onion finely chopped
8 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 T dried thyme
Large handful fresh oregano coarsely chopped
600 g Woody’s 3 meat mince
3 T Mitchells Bone Broth Powder
2 t course ground mustard
2 T Worcestershire sauce
30 g grated parmesan
2 T almond meal
Salt and pepper to season
3/4 c edamame peas refreshed in boiling water
6 soft boiled eggs, peeled


500 g flakey or puff pastry
Egg wash, thyme sprigs and rock salt to finish


Heat olive oil over a medium flame and saute garlic, onion and thyme till soft but not brown. Add fresh oregano and set aside to cool.

Combine all the remaining ingredients apart from the eggs in a bowl, then add sautéed onions, mix well.

Roll out pastry to a rectangle 24 x 58 cm and brush with egg wash. Cut a 5 cm wide piece of pastry from the 24 cm end for binding the ring in the pan later on.

Then, using your hands, evenly pat the meat mix on top of the pastry leaving a centimetre free on all sides.

Arrange eggs evenly down the middle of the meat. Now mould one side of the meat around and over the eggs making sure you fill in the gaps between the eggs. You shouldn’t be able to see any egg once finished.

Roll the creation up length wise, making sure pastry meets pastry to bind on the seam side. Trim each end so the meat filling is just revealed.

Liberally grease your Ironclad Pan with butter then lay the strip of pastry you cut earlier into your pan. (Lay one end in the middle of the pan and the other up the side of the pan). You will use this to bind the two ends together. Now re-egg wash this piece.

Pick up the log, seam side down and swiftly transfer into the pan forming a circle. Each end should meet in the middle of the extra pastry strip. Wrap the pastry strip around the ends to seal them together, using a little more egg wash to seal.

Liberally egg wash the ring then sprinkle with thyme sprigs and rock salt.

Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour at 180°C till golden brown and serve with lashing of tomato relish and a big crunchy salad.


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